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Claude Debussy: Préludes 1909-1913

Gilead Mishory's works
CD1: Premier livre | CD2: Deuxième livre

Newly published by NEOS (21303/04)

Coproduction SWR2


Interview with Lotte Thaler, SWR - PDF-Download


Gilead Mishory: Psalmus

Christophorus Records, Freiburg, 03/2015

The German Chamber Choir ("Deutscher Kammerchor") commissioned by Gilead Mishory the three-movement piece "Wasserpsalm" (Waterpsalm), for choir a-capella in eight voices, and included it, in a first recording, in its new CD with various psalm-compositions, i.a. by Schubert, Mendelssohn and Schönberg. The three movements are based on the different associations of water in David's psalms, and are sung in Hebrew.

Gilead Mishory: Psalm - Fugitive Pieces - Psalm

Gilead Mishory’s works published by NEOS (11022):
'Psalm': String-quartet after Paul Celan (Auritus Quartett, Munich); 'Fugitive Pieces' for piano solo after the novel by Anne Michaels (Gilead Mishory, piano); 'Psalm' for Cello and ( Julius Berger, Cello, and Gilead Mishory, piano).

You can find more information about the pieces, including short samples under Compositions.


1. Janácek

The main solo-works: On an Overgrown Path; In the Mist; Sonata 1.X.1905.
TUDOR 760.

2. Janácek

'Concertino' and 'Capriccio' for piano and chamber-ensemble. With soloists of the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio, as well as solo-pieces.
TUDOR 772.

3. Janácek

The Violin-Piano and Cello-Piano Duos, as well as Solo-pieces. With Saschko Gawriloff und Wen-Sinn Yang.
TUDOR 7003.

4. Haydn

Sonatas Hob. 37 (D-Major), 32 (B-Minor), 23 (F-Major), 36 (C-Sharp-Minor).
TUDOR 7059.

5. Bartók

Sonatas for violin und piano, with Saschko Gawriloff. TUDOR 7068.

6. Schubert

'Songs without Words' - transcriptions of Schubert's 'Lieder' for flute and piano. With Benoît Fromanger.
TUDOR 7106.

7. Mishory

'Lider-Togbuch' in memoriam Michael Hofmann, after poems by Abraham Sutzkever. 'Metaphorá' and the Bavarian Radio. Not deliverable through CD-stores. Please contact us directly.

8. Mishory

'Psalm – Fugitive Pieces – Psalm' String-quartet after Paul Celan; 'Fugitive Pieces' for piano solo; 'Psalm' for cello and piano. With Auritus Quartett; Julius Berger, cello;  Gilead Mishory, piano.

NEOS 11022.

9. Debussy

Préludes 1909-1913, Gilead Mishory's works
Premier livre, Deuxième livre, Coproduction SWR2
NEOS 21303/04

10. Psalmus

Psalms in Christian Jewish dialogue.

Christophorus Records, Freiburg, 03/2015

11. Brahms

Trio for piano, violin and horn Op. 40 with Will Sanders (horn), Konstantin Stoianow (violin). Brahms-Haus Baden-Baden.

12: Dvorak

Piano-quintet A-Major Op. 81 with Rainer Kussmaul and Felix Borel, violins; Wolfram Christ, viola; Christoph Henkel, cello.


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