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„To Aeneas“ is the title of Gilead Mishory’s new CD, published by NEOS. All three works in it refer to the myth of Dido and Aeneas: Muzio Clementi’s last piano sonata: „Didone Abbandonata“, Giuseppe Tartini’s  sonata for violin, in Mishory’s transcription for piano solo, as well as Mishory’s new cycle „To Aeneas“. The CD has already been broadcast by many radio-stations in Europe in the first weeks after its appearance. The “MDR-Figaro” said about Mishory’s cycle: “It is a suite of five movements, which expresses the whole emotional range: from solemn desperation to eruptive rage. Dido’s suicide becomes almost an acoustic film”. Read the booklet-interview with Simon A. Rosenbaum in which Gilead Mishory talks about his cycle and the programming of this CD.


Clementi Movement 1 & 2 (excerpt)

Clementi Movement 3 & 4 (excerpt)

Tartini Movement 1 (excerpt)

Tartini Movement 2 (excerpt)

Tartini Movement 3 (excerpt)

Aeneas Movement 1 (excerpt)


Listen to more excxerpts about
Dido und Aeneas under compositions.


Read the reactions onto Dido and Aeneas:

W.M. Grimmel, FAZ, August 2017

Dr. Hartmut Hain, klassik.com, April 2017
Burkhard Schäfer, Piano News, April 2017
Frank Siebert, Fonoforum , April 2017



Gileads Compositions you can hear live here:


15.7.17 Freiburg, Hochschule für Musik:

Prof. Alfonso Gomez and the students: Aaron Löchle, Yue Zou, Clara Casado, Carolin Tjoa (piano). Recitation: Jakob Boenig: "Fugitive Pieces".


30.7.2017 Narnia Festival, Narni, Italy:

Gilead Mishory (piano): "Grandpa and I"


1.8.2017 Halle, Festival "EuroArts":

Katharina Deserno (cello) und Gilead Mishory (piano): "Psalm" for cello and piano.


2.8.2017 Odyssiad Festival, Colorado:

Sophia Hase (piano): from "Fugivite Pieces"


22.10.2017, 19 Uhr, Freiburg, "kooperatur"-Haus at the Münster:

Prof. Alfonso Gomez and the students: Aaron Löchle, Yue Zou, Clara Casado, Carolin Tjoa (piano). Recitation: Jakob Boenig: "Fugitive Pieces".


29.10.2017 Redwood City, California:

Markus Pawlik (piano): "To Aeneas: you. Nocturne".


30.10.2017 Seoul, National University:

String-Quartet "Psalm" after Paul Celan



Competition-Prizes for Mishory's Students!!!

Recently some of Mishory’s students won important Prizes in various piano-competitions.
Wataru HISASUE won In January 2016 the „Mendelssohn Competition“, as well as the „Deutschen Pianisten-Preis“ in Berlin. In July 15 he won the first prize at the international competition in Lyon and Shortly before that the first prize in Gagny.  Koga HIGASHIYAMA won the second prize at the Hans-von-Bülow-Wettbewerb in Meiningen. Uikyung JUNG won the second prize of the „Brahms-Wettbewerb“ in Pörtschach, Austria, as well as some prizes at the “Munich Youth-Podium”. The Ukrainian pianist Mariia Iudenko won three prizes during the year 2016: Friuli Venezia Giulia, as well as Luciano Luciani, Cosenza (Italy), and Campillos (Spanien). At the Lepthien-competition in Freiburg, in May 2017, two of the prizes went to Mishory’s students: Yeseul Moon won the second and Yang Tai the third prize.



Israeli Music-Festival „Felicja Blumental“

The Israeli Music-Festival „Felicja Blumental“ invited Gilead Mishory this year to a “Home-Visit”, During which two of his pieces will be performed. On April 4th , in the Tel-Aviv Museum, Mishory will perform his cycle “Lider-Togbuch” (Song-Diary). In the same evening there will be a first public performance of “Waterpsalm” for chamber-choir a capella (commissioned and already recorded by the “Deutscher Kammerchor”), by the “Moran”-Ensemble. On April  5th there will be an open discussion with Mishory and the other “home-visitor”, the composer Osvaldo Golijov.

Details under http://www.blumentalfestival.com/



Concert 'Kyoto Autumn'

The Kyoto Concert-Hall dedicated in October a special concert within its “Kyoto Autumn” to the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2. Among the pieces that were performed under the title “Auschwitz Requiem” were three of Mishory’s works: “Psalm 2” for Flute and Piano (with the movements: “Psalm” and “Smoke”) was first performed by Yoshimi Oshima and the composer at the piano, as well as parts of “Fugitive Pieces” and “Kinnor” for piano solo. The deeply moved audience applauded very warmly also the encore: Mishory’s arrangement of the Israeli Folksong “Ose Shalom”, played in four hands with the initiator of the concert, the distinguished Japanese pianist Yasuko Tasumi.

Report of the Magazine “Ongaku no Tomo”

Listen First performance: Psalm / Rauch

See Magazine: PDF download



Gilead Mishory: Psalmus

Christophorus Records, Freiburg, 03/2015

The German Chamber Choir ("Deutscher Kammerchor") commissioned by Gilead Mishory the three-movement piece "Wasserpsalm" (Waterpsalm), for choir a-capella in eight voices, and included it, in a first recording, in its new CD with various psalm-compositions, i.a. by Schubert, Mendelssohn and Schönberg. The three movements are based on the different associations of water in David's psalms, and are sung in Hebrew.



Claude Debussy

Gilead Mishory's works
Claude Debussy: Préludes 1909-1913
CD1: Premier livre | CD2: Deuxième livre

Newly published by NEOS (21303/04)

Coproduction SWR2


Interview with Lotte Thaler, SWR - PDF-Download

First reactions on the Debussy CD - PDF-Download

Review Reutlinger Anzeiger - PDF-Download

Enthusiastic feedbacks: Bayern 4 Klassik, Deutschlandfunk, MDR, Pizzicato, KlassikInfo, klassik.com, Reutlinger Anzeiger (PDF)



An Aeneas: du. Nocturne (To Aeneas: you. Nocturne)
For piano solo

Commissioned by the

European Piano Contest Bremen

First performance in Bremen, March 2014

Duration 5 Minuten. Published by Peermusic.


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… in „Psalm II“ for piano and flute, which was first performed in this concert, the composer expresses the deepest spiritual contents through special playing-methods. The listeners were also deeply moved by Mishory’s “Fugitive Pieces”, with the Brahms Intermezzo Op. 117/2, one of the sources of inspiration for this cycle…

Ongaku no Tomo

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Masterclasses in Seoul, Korea: National University, Yonsei University, Ewha University, SangMyoung University, Open Piano Forum


Concerts and masterclasses in Japan
(i.a. Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto)

24.-30.7.2017 Narni / Italy

Concerts and masterclass within the Narnia festival

31.7.-8.8.2017 Halle an der Saale / Germany

Concerts and Masterclass within the festival 'Euro Arts'



Concerts and masterclasses in Singapore

19.-22.1.2018 Oberfranken/Germany

Masterclass at Haus Marteau


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